Hi. I am Silvi Alfiah from UIN Bandung in Sharia Economic department. I come from Banten. I am the third daughter of 4 siblings. All of my siblings are the daughters and it’s mean in my family only my father is a man. And do you know? Because all of my family are female mayor, we usually do what man usually do, and it makes me independent. I never depend on others. I usually do anything by my self. But it is not mean I do not interacting with others. I really like to organize. Then no wonder, a lot of organizational experience I have participated in. Not only that, I really like the extra activities and compititions

When I was little, I was known as a cheerful and smart girl. My social activities began when I was educated in school. When I was in kindergarten, I was a leading participant in the national coloring contest. Stepping on elementary school, I was known as a smartest and brightest student. During my 6 years of elementary school, I always won in the first rank in my class. I often participated in competitions, starting from the district, provincial, national and even international. The competition that I often participated in was the story telling competition, three language speeches, and scouting. After graduating from elementary school, I know that the talent I have is speech contest. So at that time I continued my education at one of the modern Islamic Boarding School in Banten. During 6 years there, I began to be serious in developing my potential and talent. I always get the first rank in class and general champion. I also often participate in extra activities. In the end of 2018, I was once a delegate in Indonesia – Malaysia Student Exchange. My experinces make me confident that I am a Golden Generation. Because I also a person who likes to follow the organizations, so I always encouraged to become a person who is more beneficial to society and able to contribute to the nation.

I know, we never become the perfect person in life. But, trying to be perfect is  a possibility. I remembered what John F. Kennedy told “Do not ask what the state gives you, but ask what you give to your state”. So that I do not stop learning and trying anythings to be the best and keep inspiring. Many ways to be the great person, being the Golden Generation is one of them.

I am Silvi Alfiah, I am the Golden Generation.


Created by Silvi Alfiah

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