University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

18th November – 3rd December 2018

By : Silvi Alfiah

Sharia Economic, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Indonesia

Day 1 – Sunday, 18th November, 2018

Departures are carried out at 10 pm from UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung to CGK Airport by bus until 1.30 am. Then the boarding pass at 09.00 in the morning using the Lion Air plane. We have no obstacles, Alhamdulillah. Arriving at the Kuala Lumpur Airport we were picked up by volunteers from international relations students at the University of Malaya. From Kuala Lumpur airport we use the bus again to go to the Bestari College (Kolej Kediaman Ke-4) at University of Malaya.

On arrival at the KK 4 we cleared all the items then took a break. After that, we were accompanied by buddies to dinner in the canteen, the menu I ate was fried chicken, the taste was not much different but the portion was very large at a price of 5 RM.

Then we returned to the KK 4, but we got difficulties in the internet connection so we decided to go to  Sentral Kuala Lumpur using the bus and train (MRT) to buy a quota accompanied by buddies, then we traveled back to Medan Selera Jaya 223 to eat ‘ nasi lemak ‘ and we arrived at the KK 4 at 02.00 a.m.

Opening Ceremonial at Art and Social Science Faculty

Soekarno Hatta Airport

Day 2 – Monday, 19th November, 2018

At 8:30 a.m. the agenda that we did was the opening ceremony which was held in the Art and Social Science faculty hall at UM, we were treated to Malaysian soto and many cakes. Finished eating we all did campus tours, there were libraries, museums, cansellery, faculties of education, faculties of art and social science, faculties of language and others.

After campus touring we will rest in the living room because the weather is very hot, while waiting for the information delivered by Mr. Helmi and the class students according to the study program of each delegation. And after that we returned to the KK 4.

University of Malaya

Day 3 – Tuesday, 20th November, 2018

On this day the lecture activities are closed because today is the birthday of the prophet Muhammad. In the morning, I washed my clothes and cleaned up the residence colleague then worked on the task of making report. In the afternoon, I invited friends who were students at UM to go around the campus and take photos, and saw a collection of students who were training for a show. After that we went to the Bukit Bintang, I tried the dish of cricket and water spinach. Then we go back to KK 4 using Grab.

Day 4 – Wednesday, 21st November, 2018

Today is my first day for entering the class. I enter to Sharia and Economic deparment in Akademik Pengajian Islam Faculty (API). I meet the chief of Syariah and Economic Department, Dr. Asmak binti Ab Rahman to give me the permission for entering the class in her department. In that time, she gives me the schedule. Actually, she gives me 6 subjects, but 2 subjects of them I can’t enter there because they were doing exam.

With Dr. Asmak

Day 5 – Thursday, 22nd November, 2018

In Thursday, Dr. Asmak ask me for following the seminar at her department with Airlangga University Surabaya. This seminar was held as a forum for collabration between Airlangga University and University of Malaya. This seminar was held at API from 14.45 and ends with eating together.

At 17.30-19.00 I enter to the Takaful class which the lecture Dr. Sufyan Che Abdullah at Bilik Seminar 26 (BS26). After leaving the classroom, I saw in the mosque there was Islamic Student Association, they share ‘ifthar’ free for Islamic students who are carrying out fasting.

Day 6 – Friday, 23rd November, 2018

On Friday, I follow the ‘Seminar Resolusi Syariah’ with the speaker Dr. Shamsiah Mohamad. But it is no free, there is a payment RM10 for lunch, stationary and e-certificate. But till now, the certificate does not yet exist.

At 16.00-19.00 we are going to the central library of University of Malaya. The University of Malaya Library encompasses a network of libraries and through this network the library is able to provide comprehensive services and facilities using the discipline-based approach.

The collection within the library has been develoved in line with the teaching, learning, and research needs of the University. The library now holds more than 1,4 million title with over 2,1 million items in various formats. In addition to the library provides access to more than 85 online databases comprising of more than 46.000 e-journal titles and more than 150.000 e-books titles.

Day 7 – Saturday, 24st November, 2018

On that day all delegations accompanied by 10 buddies went to the Pasar Seni which was the center of various types of Malaysia, we buy any souvernis there. Then, We go to Masjid Jamek Abdul Samad in Dataran merdeka for praying dzuhur and ashar, and continue the trip to KLCC to see the iconic twin tower from Malaysia.

Day 8 – Sunday, 25th November, 2018

I do my repot and clean the room KK4.

Day 9 – Monday, 26rd November, 2018

We go to JBR Bundle in Shah Alam. JBR Bundle is a little mall who sells used good that suitable for use. The collection starts from clothes, shoes, tableware. Household jewelry, baby toys, and others.

Before going back to KK4, we visit the Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya. Sunway pyramid is a mall with an Egyptial design. The consists of several shopping precincts, which are Fashion central, Oasis Boulevard, Asian avenue and marrakesh and comprises over 900 outlets, ranging from fashion, accessories, shoes jewellery, timespieces, music, videos, gifts, souvenirs, leathers, books, pharmacies, electrial products, home furnishing, and others.

Day 10 – Tuesday, 27th November, 2018

Today I don’t have any subject in the class, because the that that I will enter there was doing exam. Than, I just do my repot and clean the room KK4.

Day 11 – Wednesday, 28th November, 2018

At 08.00-10.00 I enter to Fiqh Muamalah class wich the lecture Dr. Mahamatayuding in Dewan Kuliah 1 (DK1). After leaving the classroom, I go to the ‘Dataran sastra’ at Art and Soisal Sciences for looking thailand food festival.

In the evening we are going to ‘Perdanasiswa auditorium’ for loking UMICAFF (University of Malaya International Cultural and Food Festival). UMICAFF is an annula international festival hosted by the University of Malaya International Student Centre (ISC) in the collabration with the UM International Student Association and ISC Global Buddies.

Day 12 – Thursday, 29th November, 2018

Today is my last day for entering the class. The last subject that I study is Takaful which the lecture Dr. Sufyan Che Abdullah. Then, I say goodbye to the entire academic comunity, to my lectures, and my new friends.

Day 13 – Friday, 30th November, 2018

At 3:00 p.m. all delegates attended the seminar with the theme “The Global Demographic Shift And It’s Impact On Eurasian Geopolitics” with the speaker Prof. Fatos Tarifa from Tirana University of New York. The discussion on the relationship between Asia and Europe in the future is influenced by several aspects.

At 17:00 the closing ceremonial for the entire delegation, we performed an archipelago dance from Indonesia, then all the elements in the ceremonial closing ceremony did flashmoob. And the closing ceremony ends with eating together and take a pictures.

Day 14 – Saturday, 1th December, 2018

We were invited to take the last trip with the buddies to “Batu Caves” using the bus and MRT, “Batu Caves” is famous for its Indian culture. In this cave rock there are many historical stories about the gods. Batu Caves is also the centre of rock climbing development in Malaysia. Batu Caves offers more than 160 climbing routes. The routes are scarattered all around the side of Batu Caves, which is made up of limestone hills rising to 150m. Below the Temple Cave is the Dark Cave, with rock formations and a number of animals found nowhere else. It is a two-kilometer network of relatively unthouched caverns. And after that we were invited to enjoy indian specialties food.

Day 15 – Sunday, 2nd December, 2018

In this day, we don’t have any certain activities. We focus on packing goods for tomorrow repatriation.

Day 16 – Monday, 3nd December, 2018

We are going from UM to KLIA Airport at 06.00 with the buddies ride the bus and arrived there at 09.00. We are boarding at 11.30 and landing at 12.30 in Sukarno Hatta Airport. Then 2 buses from UIN pick us up at the airport. And we arrived in our beloved campus at 21.00.


The experience of exchanging students at the University of Malaya during this lecture was the most valuable moment in my life, this activity was able to open my eyes to the education system at UM Institute of Akademik Pengajian Islam faculty specially at Sharia and Economic department. Obtaining an international network that would later be able to help with future affairs, and provide a way for collaboration between Shariah Economic UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung and Sharia and Economic University of Malaya. Besides that, this activity can be a place for getting the new knowledge and introduce the culture that exists in various countries. From here also I was able to find identity as well as get inspiration from other countries.


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